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posted: July 31st, 2011
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This page begins at 4:29 AM on July 17th - going home day from Oze National Park. Then we'll go to Jindai Botanical Garden on July 23rd and that will be all for this month. Click on any thumbnail to begin.

Begin July 17th
  This first photo was taken at 4:29 AM on the 17th. Kazuya went a little ways out into the marsh while I made the hot water for coffee and got breakfast started. All 3 of these shots show the full moon over Mt. Shibutsu. The 2nd shot was taken at 4:30 AM and the 3rd shot was taken at 4:32 AM.

  Here is a final shot of the full moon over Mt. Shibutsu - it was taken at 4:36 AM. The 2nd shot is looking towards the opposite direction - the east - and Mt. Hiuchigatake. It was taken at 4:43 AM. The 3rd shot shows the actual rising sun and it was taken at 5:11 AM.

  These 2 shots of sun rays through the trees were taken at 7:01 AM as we hiked out to the bus stop at Hatomachi. Of course we had eaten our breakfast and packed our backpacks and we were now headed for home.
End July 17th, Begin July 23rd
  On July 23rd we went to Jindai Botanical Garden on our bicycles to check out what flowers were blossoming. First we went to the Aquatic portion of the Botanical Garden. We were amazed to find so much Lythrum anceps in bloom. It must be a good year for this species to flower - we have never seen so much of it before.

  We are still in the Aquatic portion of the Botanical Garden and we found these Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) plants in bloom. Nice, eh!

  Now we are in the main portion of the Botanical Garden. The 1st and 2nd shots show you examples of Cymbidium nipponicum - an Orchid. This is a saprophyte on various tree roots. I show you photos of this Orchid every year at some point during the summer. After all the photos we have taken of this species we STILL do not have a PERFECT photo of it. There is a nice photo of it on page 158 of our book "Outdoor Photography of Japan: Through the Seasons". The 3rd shot is a mountain lily - Lilium auratum. In another couple of weeks these will be in evidence at our local mountain haunts too, so you'll probably see several shots of them next month. These flowers have such a powerful fragrance that the air is filled with their beautiful scent for a long ways around these blooms.
End July 23rd, End Page 5, End July 2011's Photos
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