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March 2011 - Favorite Photo
"Fuji-no-Casa" - Mt. Fuji with an Umbrella Cloud. From the Summit of Mt. Takao (Tone-mapped). March 6th, 11:23 AM.
Fuji-no-Casa - Mt. Fuji with an Umbrella Cloud
MARCH 2011: TWO Pages This Month FEATURING A Trip to Mt. Takao * Chrysosplenium album var. stamineum * Mt. Fuji With Umbrella Cloud * Cedar Pollen * "Great Eastern Japan Earthquake" Story & Tsunami Warning Map * Early Cherry Blossoms * Late Plum Blossoms * Hamamelis sp. * Cymbidium goeringii * Violets (Viola sp.) and Anemone sp. * More "Great Eastern Japan Earthquake" Stuff * More     (Click on the Photo or on this text to go directly to the March photos)

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