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July 2012 - Favorite Photo
"Powderhorn Knot" - An Old Spruce Knot Found on the Descent of Mt. Yatsugatake in June 2012. July 15th, 3:15 PM.
A Powderhorn Knot
July 2012: TWO Pages This Month FEATURING Jindai Botanical Garden * A Lotus Flower * Water Lily * The Rose Garden * Heliconia rostrata Flowers * Theobroma cacao Tree & Fruits * Rose Garden Panorama * Liatris pycnostachya * Cymbidium nipponicum aka C. macrorhizon - an Orchid * Mt. Takao - Lilium auratum (Mountain Lily) * Conandron ramondioides (Iwa Tabako in Japanese) * A Cerambycid Beetle * Powderhorn Knot * July 29th trip to Mt. Mitake * More Mountain Lily * False Anemone (Anemonopsis macrophylla) (Rengeshouma in Japanese) * 2 Butterfly species * Mountain Clothing Styles * More     (Click on the Photo or on this text to go directly to the July photos)

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