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Photos of Japan - we generally post the best photos from this month on the first of next month.
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November 2013 - Favorite Photo
"Yellow Hilltop" - A Colorful Hilltop among the Cedar Trees near Mt. Mitake. November 23rd, 9:29 AM.
A Colorful Hilltop among the Cedar Trees. November 23rd, 9:29 AM.
NOVEMBER 2013: THREE Pages This Month FEATURING A Visit to Jindai Botanical Garden * Chrysanthemums * Chrysanthemum Waterfall * Pampas Grass (Cortaderia selloana) * Trip to & Climb of Mt. Takao * Autumn Colors * Sunset Photos * A Trip to Higashi Nippara for Autumn Colors * Bright Orange Persimmons in the Tree * Inamura Rock (Inamura Iwa in Japanese) * A Wasp Nest * Autumn Colors in the Mitake/Sawai Area * The Famous Ginkgo Tree at the Tama River in Mitake * Amazing Colors in the Red Maple Trees * Yuzu (Citrus junos) Tree & Fruits * Quince Tree (Chaenomeles sinensis) & Fruits * A Trip to Mt. Mitake * More Autumn Colors * More     (Click on the Photo or on this text to go directly to the November photos)

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