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Photos of Japan - we generally post the best photos from this month on the first of next month.
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June 2012 - Favorite Photo
"Yatsugatake" - taken while climbing Mt. Aka (Akadake) - one of the peaks of the Yatsugatake Mountain Range. Photo shows Bunzaburou Ridge, Mt. Yoko (Yokodake) and Mt. Io (Iodake). June 8th, 3:15 PM.
Yatsugatake - taken while climbing Mt. Aka (Akadake)
June 2012: THREE Pages This Month FEATURING A Trip to Nogawa Park * A Trip to and climb of Mt. Takao * Dendrobium moniliforme Orchids (Sekkoku in Japanese) (Japanese Stone Orchid) * Cremastra appendiculata - another Orchid * Helwingia japonica * Pseudopyxis depressa f. angustiloba & Pseudopyxis depressa * Saxifraga stolonifera * A Trip to the Yatsugatake Mountains and climb of Mt. Aka (Akadake), Mt Yoko (Yokodake), Mt. Sansha and Mt. Io (Iodake) * A Mutant Viola hirtipes * Oxalis sp. * Calypso bulbosa var. speciosa - the Calypso Orchid * Dactylostalix ringens - the One-Leaf Orchid * Mt. Amida (Amidadake) * Mt. Naka (Nakadake) * Pulsatilla japonica * immature Lagotis glauca * Schizocodon ilichifolious f. purpureiflorus * Honzawa Onsen (Hot Spring) Rotenboro (Outdoor Bath) - the highest elevation Outdoor Bath in Japan * Spruce Forest * Nobeyama Train Station - the highest elevation Japan Rail (JR) Station in Japan * A Trip to Hon Do Temple for Hydrangea and Iris Flower Viewing * More     (Click on the Photo or on this text to go directly to the June photos)

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