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June 2013 - Favorite Photo
"Early Morning Sun Rays" - Sun Rays Coming Through the Trees. June 8th, 7:06 AM.
Sun Rays Coming Through the Trees
JUNE 2013: THREE Pages This Month FEATURING A Trip to Minami Takao * Campanula punctata var. hondoensis * Scutellaria brachyspica * Trail Marker Signs * Rosa luciae - a Type of Wild Rose * Calanthe discolor an Orchid * Rubus hirsutus - an Edible Berry * Cremastra appendiculata - the 2nd Orchid * Dendrobium moniliforme - the Japanese Stone Orchid (Sekkoku in Japanese) - the 3rd Orchid * Clematis japonica * Pseudopyxis depressa * A Trip to the Kawaguchi Lake Area * Aquilegia buergeriana f. flavescens - Anchor Flower * Vincetoxicum acuminatum * Cephalanthera erecta - the 4th Orchid * Rhododendron kaempferi * Maianthemum dilatatum * Cephalanthera longibracteata - the 5th Orchid * Geranium eriostemon var. reinii f. onoei * Smilacina japonica * Galearis cyclochila - the 6th Orchid * Abelia spathulata var. sanguinea * Weigela hortensis * Clematis tosaensis * Viola acuminata - a New Violet for our Life List * Abelia spathulata * Iris setosa - a Small Wild Iris * Rosa hirtula - a Large Flowered Wild Rose * Lithospermum zollingeri * Fried Shrimp Dinner * A Climb of Mt. Mitsutouge (1,786 m = 5,860 ft) * Styrax japonica * Nice View of Mt. Fuji * Neottia asiatica - the 7th Orchid * Malus toringo - the Japanese Crabapple * Cypripedium macranthum var. speciosum - the 8th Orchid, a VERY RARE Species * Nymphalis xanthomelas - a Butterfly * Paris verticillata * Mt. Mitsutouge Summit * Oberonia japonica - the 9th Orchid * Lecanorchis japonica - the 10th Orchid * Orchis graminifolia - the 11th Orchid * Lysimachia clethroides - Tiger's Tail * Epipactis thunbergii - the 12th Orchid, a Rare Find * Prunella vulgaris subsp. asiatica * Lobelia chinensis * The "Spiral Orchid" -Spiranthes sinensis var. amoena - the 13th Orchid * Galeola septentrionalis - the 14th Orchid * Yoania amagiensis - the 15th and Final Orchid Find of the Month * More     (Click on the Photo or on this text to go directly to the June photos)

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