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Photos of Japan - we generally post the best photos from this month on the first of next month.
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May 2014 - Favorite Photo
"Mt. Fuji & Spring Greenery" - Heavily Manipulated Mt. Fuji Photo. May 10th, 9:06 AM.
Mt. Fuji & Spring Greenery - Heavily Manipulated Mt. Fuji Photo. May 10th, 9:06 AM
May 2014: THREE Pages This Month FEATURING A Trip North to Miyagi Prefecture * Tarumizu Dam Area * Akebia quinata * Trillium tschonoskii * Trillium smallii * Lithospermum zollingeri * Viola yezoensis f. discolor - the Takao Violet * Viola mirabilis var. subglabra * Viola rostrata var. japonica * In Yamagata Prefecture * Viola kusanoana * Viola violacea f. versicolor * Biwa Pond * Tokyo - Mt. Mitake * Clouds & Fog * Lathraea japonica * Viola shikokiana * Viola phalacrocarpa x Viola chaerophylloides f. sieboldiana - an extremely rare hybrid violet * Viola hirtipes * Mt. Fuji * Padus grayana * Viola eizanensis * Viola grypoceras * Viola violacea var. makinoi * Viola phalacrocarpa * Wisteria floribunda * Sarcochilus japonicus - an Orchid * Calanthe discolor - an Orchid * Asarum spp. * Cephalanthera longibracteata - the Bamboo-Leaved Silver Orchid * Cephalanthera falcata - the Golden Orchid * Magnolia obovata and its huge Flowers * Hemerocallis dumortieri var. esculenta * Pseudopyxis depressa f. angustiloba * Clematis japonica * Oberonia japonica - the 5th Orchid * Viola maximowicziana * More     (Click on the Photo or on this text to go directly to the May photos)

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