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May 2010 - Favorite Photo
"Mt. Fuji" - Photo taken from Asagiri Kogen. April 29th, 4:05 PM.
Mt. Fuji - From Asagiri Kogen
MAY 2010: FIVE Pages This Month FEATURING A Trip to Kawaguchi Lake - Asagiri Kogen * Several Shots of Mt. Fuji * Viola orientalis * Viola phalacrocarpa * Viola grypoceras * Trillium tschonoskii * HaHaNoShira Waterfall * Mutant Viola eizanensis * Beautiful Viola rossii * Viola mirabilis var. subglabra * Chloranthus japonicus * Trip to Funagata (Kazuya's Hometown) * Asarum sieboldii * Erythronium japonicum * Anemone pseudoaltaica * Trillium smallii * Viola vaginata * Heloniopsis orientalis * Coptis japonica * Viola hondoensis * Viola violacea var. makinoi * Lysichiton camtschatcense (Skunk Cabbage) * Chrysosplenium pilosum var. sphaerospermum * Epigaea asiatica * Ichi-No Taki (Waterfall) * Corydalis ambigua * A Coltsfoot Plant (Petasites palmatus) * Jindai Botanical Garden Rhododendron spp. * Calanthe sp. (Orchid) * Beautiful Wisteria Blooms * Mt. Takao and Viola maximowicziana * Polygala japonica * Cephalanthera falcata or Golden Orchid * Viola phalacrocarpa f. glaberrima * Nogawa Park and Mazus miquelii * Mazus miquelii f. albiflorus * Amsonia elliptica * Climbing in Far Western Tokyo - Viola hirtipes * An Amazing Find - Paeonia japonica * The Moon and Venus * Paris tetraphylla * Rhododendron quinquefolium * Viola sieboldi and V. sieboldi f. variegata * Disporum smilacinum * Schizocodon ilichifolious f. purpureiflorus * Scrophularia musashiensis * Forest Clear-cut at Mitake * More     (Click on the Photo or on this text to go directly to the May photos)

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