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April 2011 - Favorite Photo
"Cherry Blossoms" - At Koishikawa Botanical Garden in Tokyo. April 10th, 9:58 AM.
Cherry Blossoms
APRIL 2011: THREE Pages This Month FEATURING Two Trips to Mt. Takao * Viola tokubuchiana var. takedana * Omphalodes japonica * Viola bissetii * Viola japonica * Chrysosplenium macrostemon var. atrandrum * Anemone raddeana * Corydalis lineariloba * Oxalis griffithii var. kantoensis * Gagea lutea * Viola yezoensis f. discolor * Lunch at Mt. Kagenobu * Imperial Palace - Chidorigafuchi - Cherry Blossom Viewing * Koishikawa Botanical Garden * Viola diffusa * Viola yedoensis * Viola confusa ssp. nagasakiensis * Rhododendron Blossoms * Camellia Blossoms * Magnolia stellata Blossoms * Chaenomeles sinensis (Quince) Blossoms * Fritillaria verticillata * A Trip to Niigata and Mt. Kakuda * Viola vaginata * Erythronium japonicum * Trillium smallii * Hepatica (Hepatica nobilis var. japonica f. magna) Blossoms * Scenery * Trip to the Mitake Area * Shortia uniflora * Viola rossii (rossi) * Link to: 2:46: Aftershocks: Stories from the Japan Earthquake Book * An April 29th Trip to Nogawa, Musashino & Sengen-yama Parks * Primula sieboldii * Amsonia ellipitica * Calanthea discolor (an Orchid) * Lithospermum zollingeri * Chelidonium japonicum * Lamium album var. barbatum * Pink Dogwood (Benthamidia florida) * Hemerocallis middendorffii var. musashiensis * Cephalanthera falcata (Golden Orchid) & Cephalanthera erecta (Silver Orchid) * More     (Click on the Photo or on this text to go directly to the April photos)

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