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September 2014 - Favorite Photo
"Mt. Tanzawa & Mt. Fuji" - From Mt. Takao. September 14th, 10:15 AM.
Mt. Tanzawa (on the left) & Mt. Fuji (on the right), from Mt. Takao
SEPTEMBER 2014: TWO Pages This Month FEATURING A Trip to Katsunuma Budoukyo for Grapes * A Trip to/Climb of Mt. Takao * Codonopsis lanceolata Flower * Mt. Tanzawa & Mt. Fuji From Mt. Takao * Cimicifuga simplex Flowers * I-Ccho-Daira * Benthamidia japonica (Mountain Dogwood) Fruits * Susuki Grass (Miscanthus sinensis) * Butterflies on Thistle Flowers * Lespedeza bicolor * Far-Away Tokyo from Mt. Kobotoke-Shiro-yama * Chelonopsis moschata Flowers * Polygonum filiforme Flowers * A Trip to Nogawa Park * Impatiens textorii Flowers * Begonia grandis Flowers * Red Lycoris radiata - Cluster Amaryllis Flowers * Liriope muscari Flowers * Impatiens noli-tangere Flowers * Caryopteris divaricata Flowers * Aeginetia indica - a Parasite on Certain Types of Grass * Keiskea japonica Flowers * Geranium thunbergii Flowers * Yellow Lycoris radiata Flowers * More     (Click on the Photo or on this text to go directly to the September photos)

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