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Photos of Japan - we generally post the best photos from this month on the first of next month.
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September 2010 - Favorite Photo
"Lycoris radiata (Cluster Amaryllis)" - at Kinchakuda. A Sheet Metal Effect was added using ACDSee. NOTE: This is a mouseover image. September 26th, 9:39 AM.
Lycoris radiata (Cluster Amaryllis) at Kinchakuda
SEPTEMBER 2010: THREE Pages This Month FEATURING A Climb of and 2 Day Stay at Mt. Kumotori (2,017.7 m = 6,620 ft) * Lychnis miquelina * Toad Lily (Tricyrtis sp.) * Mt. Nanatsuishi (1,757 meters = 5,765 feet) * Ligularia dentata (Marubadakebuki in Japanese) * Deer * Sunrise & Sunset at Mt. Kumotori * A Nutcracker (Nucifraga caryocatactes) * Star Photos (Astrophotography) - The Big Dipper * A Trip to Nogawa Park * A Trip to Jindai Botanical Garden * Pampas Grass * Cymbidium nipponicum * Another trip to Nogawa Park * A Trip to Hidaka City and the Annual Higanbana Festival (Lycoris radiata or Cluster Amaryllis) * More     (Click on the Photo or on this text to go directly to the September photos)

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