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August 2011 - Favorite Photo
"Mt. Chokai Shadow" - On the Sea of Japan, with some anti-crepuscular rays. August 9th, 4:50 AM.
Mt. Chokai Shadow on the Sea of Japan
AUGUST 2011: FOUR Pages This Month FEATURING Our 2011 Summer Vacation * Vespa mandarinia japonica - the "Yak Killer" Hornet - A Nest * Climb of Mt. Gassan - in Yamagata Prefecture * Mountain Flowers * Mountain Scenery * Edelweiss - Leontopodium fauriei * Mt. Gassan Summit Sunset * A Rare Gentiana algida Flower * Hagurosan Shrine * Kisakata - Akita Prefecture * Kisakata Beach * Climb of Mt. Chokai * Amazing Mountain Scenery and Mountain Flowers * The Rare Arenaria merckioides var. chokaiensis Flower * Sunset & Twin Sun Dogs From the Summit of Mt. Chokai * Sunrise on Mt. Chokai * Anti-crepuscular Rays * Mt Chokai Mountain Shadow on the Sea of Japan * Funagata, Yamagata Hot Spring Scenery * Kaneyama Hot Spring - Akita Prefecture * Yamadera (= Mountain Shrine) * Mt. Zao - Kawara Hot Spring * More     (Click on the Photo or on this text to go directly to the August photos)

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