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August 2012 - Favorite Photo
"Hakuba Mountain Beauty" - Mt Shakushi (Shakushidake) and Mt. Shirouma (Shiroumadake) in Japan's Northern Alps Mountains. August 10th, 8:12 AM.
Hakuba Mountain Beauty - Mt Shakushi (Shakushidake) and Mt. Shirouma (Shiroumadake) in Japan's Northern Alps Mountains
August 2012: FOUR Pages This Month FEATURING August 3rd and 24th Trips to and Climbs of Mt. Takao * August 9th – 12th Trip to Japan’s Northern Alps Mountain Range at Hakuba * Climbs of Mt. Norikura (Norikuradake) (2,437 m = 7,994 ft); Mt. Korenge (2,766 m = 9,075 ft); Mt. Shirouma (Shiroumadake) (2,932 m = 9,620 ft); Mt. Shakushi (Shakushidake) (2,812 m = 9,226 ft) and Mt. Yari (Yarigatake) (2,903 m = 9,525 ft) * Hakuba Ooike (Big Pond) * Hakuba Ooike Mountain Scenery * A Hawk or Falcon * Mikuni Pass * Hakuba San-sou (Mountain Hut) Area * Mt. Tsurugi (Tsurugidake) in the Distance * Hakuba Yari Onsen (Hot Spring) – Elevation 2,100 m = 6,890 ft. * An Abundance of Mountain Scenery * Sarukura - the Ending Point of this Trip * August 14th & 15th Trip to Oze National Park – Ozenuma (Oze Pond) Area * Sanpei Pass (1,762 m = 5,781 ft) * Mt. Hiuchigatake (2,356 m = 7,730 ft) * Three Famous Larch Trees at Ozenuma * Herons (Birds) & Offspring * Sunset at Ozenuma * Soba Lunch at Numata Station * Mt. Takao Scenery * Japanese Red Pine Panorama (Pinus densiflora) * Daniel's New "White's" Original Smoke Jumper Boots * Too Many Flowers to List – most impressive are: Kinugasa japonica aka Paris japonica * Cottongrass (Eriophorum vaginatum) * Primula cuneifolia var. hakusanensis – one of the Primrose species * Dicentra peregrina * Linnaea borealis – Twinflower * Lilium medeoloides * The Rare Gentiana algida * Lagotis glauca * Scabiosa japonica f. alpina * Swertia perennis subsp. cuspidata * The Tiny Myrmechis japonica Orchid * Lilium leichtlinii * Waremokou (Sanguisorba officinalis) * Ligularia dentata * Fireweed (Epilobium angustifolium) * More     (Click on the Photo or on this text to go directly to the August photos)

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