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Photos of Japan - we generally post the best photos from this month on the first of next month.
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August 2010 - Favorite Photo
"Mt. Asahi (Asahidake)" - Hokkaido Prefecture - Mountain and some Fumaroles Reflected in Sugatami Pond. August 10th, 6:50 AM.
Mt. Asahi (Asahidake) - Hokkaido Prefecture
AUGUST 2010: FOUR Pages This Month FEATURING Mt. Mitake and Rengeshouma (Anemonopsis macrophylla) Flowers * Aomori's Nebuta Festival * Vacation on Hokkaido - The Alaska of Japan * Daisetsuzan National Park * Climbs of Mt. Kuro (Kurodake) (1,984 meters), Mt. Hokkai (Hokkaidake) (2,149 meters), Mt. Hakuun (Hakuundake) (2,229.5 meters), Mt. Hokuchin (Hokuchindake) (2,244 meters), Mt. Naka (Nakadake) (2,113 meters), Mt. Asahi (Asahidake) (2,291 meters), Mt. Arai (Araidake) (2,183 meters) and Mt. Mamiya (Mamiyadake) (2,185 meters) * Phyllodoce caerulea * Geum pentapetalum * Mt. Kuro Hut * Snowfields * Gentiana algida f. igarasii * A Fox * Nakadake Onsen (Hot Spring) * Caltha fistulosa * Primula cuneifolia * A Bear * The Asahidake Youth Hostel * Deer * List of Mountains Climbed on Hokkaido and Elevations * Map of Asahidake Area * Tokyo's Gay & Lesbian Pride Parade & Festival * Fujino Hot Spring * More     (Click on the Photo or on this text to go directly to the August photos)

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