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Climbing a Few of Japan's 100 Famous Mountains —
Volume 6: Mt. Shirane (Kusatsu)
日本百名山 - 草津白根山

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Rear Cover                        Spine                        Front Cover
Climbing a Few of Japan's 100 Famous Mountains - Volume 6: Mt. Shirane (Kusatsu)
© 2014 Daniel H. Wieczorek & Kazuya Numazawa
Publication Date: March 11, 2014
ISBN/EAN13: 1497303230 / 9781497303232
Page Count: 80; Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 8 inches x 10 inches (20.3 cm. x 25.4 cm.)
Language: English; Color: Full Color with Bleed
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What is the purpose of this series of books? It is to show you, in photographs, some of the astounding sights and scenery we have seen while climbing the mountains included herein. At this time we have climbed 14 of Japan's 100 Famous Mountains. The ones we have climbed are: 1) Mt. Daisetsu (2,290 m) = Mt. Asahidake; 2) Mt. Chokai (2,236 m); 3) Mt. Gassan (1,984 m); 4) Mt. Hakkoda (1,584 m); 5) Mt. Zao (1,841 m); 6) Mt. Kumotori (2,017 m); 7) Mt. Kusatsu-Shirane (2,171 m); 8) Mt. Shibutsu (2,228 m); 9) Mt. Kiso-Komagatake (2,956 m); 10) Mt. Kitadake (North Peak) (3,192 m); 11) Mt. Mizugaki (2,230 m); 12) Mt. Shiroumadake (2,932 m); 13) Mt. Tateyama (3,015 m); and 14) Mt. Yatsugatake (2,899 m). This volume includes only Mt. Shirane (Kusatsu), in the Kanto Region of Japan.

HERE is a PDF file of the paperback edition of this book (new window). It is 5.4 MB in size. It's COMPLETE, but Watermarked, secured against printing and PDF'd at the lowest possible quality - all in an attempt to prevent theft. I suggest that you right click on the link and select "Save Link As". Then after it's downloaded to your Hard Drive in a place where you can find it again, open it in Adobe Reader - version 9 or later (very important - it most likely will not open in a version earlier than 9).
    N.B. When you view the file in Adobe Acrobat please go to the "View" Menu Item and select "Page Display", "Two-Up" and also "Show Cover Page During Two Up". This will allow you to view it as it will appear in print - with odd numbered pages on the right side and even numbered pages on the left.

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