This page is intended for those who wish to purchase photos!

Photos found on this site have been reduced in both size and quality. If you want to steal them and make a print for your wall, that is fine - but you will be getting a print which is 55% of the quality of the original photo. We will be happy to sell you (or give you for specific uses) any photo which you find here. We can negotiate for most any purpose - if you want to hang a photo in your home you will find prices to be very reasonable. If you want to use a photo in a magazine or use a photo to produce 1,000 postcards we can negotiate a fair price for that too. We will not make the print ourselves - we will sell you rights to use a photo and then we will send you the original (with a very discrete copyright mark on it) and you can have it printed at your favorite photo print service. You can use the e-mail link below to contact us and begin an inquiry. To begin an inquiry please tell us the page which the photo is found on (for example: May 2009, Page 3), where the photo is on the page (Row 10, 3rd Photo) and the name of the photo (May30th_Kusatsu028_Epigaea_asiaticaRC).
Thank you very much for your interest.

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