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posted: August 31st, 2009
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The photos on this page continue with August 12th and go through the end of the month. Actually, that is the end of the photos for August, after this adventure we didn't have anything else which could possibly compete, so there are no additional pictures from August. Click on any thumbnail to begin.

Begin August 12th
  On August 11th Kazuya and I left the Youth Hostel at the base of Mt. Asahidake on a bus and went back to Asahikawa. From there we went to Sapporo on a train and then we spent the night on another Hamanasu Train traveling from Sapporo to Aomori. We left Sapporo at 10:20 PM on the 11th and arrived in Aomori at 5:39 AM on the 12th. From there we headed for Hachinohe and then Kuji and then we took a small bus to this Rikuchu-kaigan National Park and spent an hour looking around this area - the Kitayamazaki Area. This is on the Pacific Coast (east side) of Japan and as you can see, it is very rocky and beautiful. We were glad that we came here.

  Here are 2 more photos of the beautiful rocky shoreline at the Kitayamazaki Area. The 2nd photo is an extreme zoom of a Pandion haliaetus or Osprey. There was actually a sign which told us that there was an Osprey nest down below us on one of those rocks. From the photos on the sign I was able to identify the rock and this dead tree and when I zoomed in on the tree the Osprey was so very cooperative that it actually came in and landed while I was zoomed in on the tree! Can you believe that amazing coincidence? It's true!

  Here is a shot of Kazuya at the Kitayamazaki Area. And, for the final shot, seeing as we pretty much rode trains for 10 days, I selected this shot of a train pulling into the station. This was our final day "on the road" so to speak. That night we stayed in a Youth Hostel in Miyako. The next day - August 13th - We were going to go and see one more place in this area, but when we woke up the next day it was raining, so we headed for home. We left Miyako on a 6:24 AM train on the 13th. We traveled all day long, going down the east (Pacific) Coast of Honshu Island, passing through Kamaishi, Ishinomaki, Sendai, Iwaki, Hitachi and then Mito and Toride and finally ended up in Ueno at 8:00 PM. We took the Yamanote Line from there to Tokyo Station, ate a rather crappy supper there and then rode the Chuo Line Train to Musashisakai Station and walked home from there. We got here at about 9:45 PM, picked the mail up from the mailbox, came up to our apartment and everything was just as we had left it. We had an amazing vacation, absolutely amazing - Thank you for all of your efforts in planning Kazuya. And - that's the end of vacation.
End August 12th, End Vacation, End Page 4, End August 2009's Photos
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